Gardening Rules!

For those of you who love gardening and are excited to turn your garden in to this magical place on Earth, then here’s some top tips for you. You could make your garden as beautiful as any you have seen with these simple methods of gardening. Link here to gain information about extraordinary gifts in Dubai.
1. Creepers to the fence.
Most folks know this but some do try to send creepers up trees and other structures. If your garden is small or average sized and don’t have those fancy iron structures to send your creepers up on, you better stick to the fence. The fence or the wall is the first thing an outsider will see of your marvelous garden. Ever heard of the phrase ‘first impressions matter’? yeah, that is what we are aiming at. You want to tell people that you love gardening and that your garden is a beauty, you do that with the fence. Choose a creeper of your choice, better if it bears flowers and send it along your wall, or your fence – whatever borders your garden. This creates a feeling of a nice garden within the boundaries and makes people want to see more.
2. Get garden props.
Presently garden props are a very nice thing to use in a garden. Not only do they give your garden beauty, they also add variety. Some people do not like to see plants, plants and more plants on the ground, placed in the same old methods. Instead they might be pleased with some garden props such as grass heads, or mini cactuses, pot holders, etc.
3. Go to town with your grass.
Well what covers any garden is grass but we pay so little attention to it. get crazy with your grass. Towards the hedges you could plant a wild grass that grows taller than the ones we are used to and in the middle of the garden you should have short grass as people will be walking on them mostly. There are grass toys for sale if you want to buy them. Or you can even create your initials in the middle of the garden by covering a patch of grass in the shape of your initials for a few days so they will look a lighter green and stand out from the rest of your garden.
4. Mix up the flowers.
You do not have to have a rose garden. It is not the white house. Mix up your flowers as in try the dahlias with daffodils. Border a circle of forget-me-nots with roses. Mix the colours. Make the garden so colourful that the eye cannot decide where to look at or where to start from.