The Solutions For Lost Or Misaligned Teeth

In the past, we did not have any viable options for lost teeth or misaligned teeth. Especially, when a tooth was lost it was lost. There were no replacements. However, in the modern world we live in today with the advance in technology and the advance in medical science including dentistry there are solutions that can help your case.

Since there are acceptable and successful solutions for both crooked or misaligned teeth and lost teeth what you have to do is going to a trustworthy dentist and a reputed a medical centre in order to get your teeth fixed. Once you go there, after a proper examination of your condition, you will be treated in the following manner.

Misaligned Teeth

When you have crooked teeth there you can either follow the traditional method of getting braces to get them aligned in the proper way. Or if you want to go through that procedure and get the desired results within a short period while not having to let anyone know that you are getting such a treatment you can try the six month smiles Dubai treatment. The specialty of this particular treatment is that it uses invisible wires and brackets to give the right amount of pull to your teeth from the right direction. However, since this is invisible no one will know that you are getting such a treatment. That can avoid a lot of awkward questions and glances. Also, this is something that can deliver results in a short time. However, this is for those of you who do not have major alignment issues with your teeth.

Tooth Loss

Another serious problem you have to face is losing teeth. We all know that when we lose our permanent teeth they are gone for good. They do not grow again. However, if you have a strong enough bone structure and also healthy gums you can get same day dental implants Dubai which will help you to fill the gap made by lost teeth. During this procedure a titanium screw will be fitted to your jaw bone and let to become one with the jaw bone. This will act as the tooth root. Once it is properly fixed, you will get to choose the matching crown to it, which will be put on covering the titanium screw. This is a procedure that takes skill to pull off successfully. Therefore, be sure to get the help of a good dentist for this process.

With the modern solutions for misaligned and lost teeth you do not have to feel bad any more.